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An experienced photographer, producer and conservationist. Has produced projects with teams worldwide, including:

Photographer for The National Trust

Article - 'Momentous Developments in Ocean Protection': shipping, underwater noise mitigation and the Arctic Ocean. 

Completed an MSc in Sustainable Development, at SOAS, 
London. Thesis focus: Arctic Ocean conservation and sustainable shipping.

Photojournalism assignment, Lofoten, Norway. A cultural heritage piece documenting the traditional fishing industry, for National Geographic UK, supported by Visit Norway.

National Geographic story, documenting whale researchers at work in Arctic winter, onboard s.v. Barba

Awarded the Royal Geographical Society / JLR expedition bursary for Alaskan caribou migration project, 2020.

2018/19 - Communications team for eXXpedition ocean research, working on the Round The World and North Pacific 2018 missions.

Content specialist for Gilo Industries Group.
Operations and media for The Adventurists. 
TV production for Cinemauro / Canal Off. 

To view a full editorial/commercial portfolio, please be in touch.

SophieBolesworth onboard Barba_copyright-Peter-Svanberg-_DSC2995.jpg

Photojournalist | Environmentalist

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