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Sophie is a photographer and producer, trained in documentary storytelling, environmental social sciences, and traditional fine art. She has spent over a decade working with NGOs, researchers, film crews and brands worldwide.

She is passionate about capturing wild landscapes and under-told stories of people's relationship with nature. Her photography has been published by, among others, 
National Geographic, The Times, The National Trust, Help for Heroes, and awarded funding by the Royal Geographical Society.

In recent years Sophie's projects have focused on the Arctic region - documenting scientific research and cultural heritage stories, writing an MSc thesis specialising in Arctic ocean conservation and the maritime industry, and producing
communications towards sustainable shipping. She has sailed 1000NM of the Norwegian coast, and worked offshore in the Arctic Circle.
Prior to this, she worked with CIC 
eXXpedition, communicating pioneering scientific research on ocean microplastic pollution.

Sophie has produced for adventure film crews and expeditions worldwide, including the USA, Middle East, Morocco, South America, and across Europe. She holds an MSc in Sustainable Development from SOAS (UoL), and a BA(Hons) in photojournalism.

To discuss a project, please
be in touch.

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Photographer | Environmentalist

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